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Syn Tawa Energy is a technology integrator who develops gasification plants capable of converting any carbon-containing feedstock such as biomass, coal, petroleum coke, or municipal solid waste, (“MSW”), into synthesis gas (Syngas), consisting primarily of hydrogen (H) and carbon monoxide (CO). The Syngas produced by this gasification process is a clean, dry, flexible fuel which can be (1) burned to create heat and electricity, (2) passed through any of several different catalysts to produce fluids such as alcohols and transportation fuels, including clean burning renewable diesel, or (3) used to supply pure hydrogen gas for multiple applications.

The U.S. biodiesel industry is poised for its most profitable, successful year yet in 2013 with expected record-breaking production volumes thanks in part to the increased federal biomass-based diesel requirement of 1.28 billion gallons (28 percent higher than 2012), the $1 per gallon tax credit and rebounding D4 RIN prices.

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