Maricopa Bio Fuels

Maricopa Bio-Mass Fuels (“MBF”) developed by Syn Tawa Energy will be a state of the art, waste to energy Refinery at the 46+ acre site in Maricopa, AZ. The MBF Refinery will utilize green wood biomass as its primary feedstock with an integrated Biomass to Liquid Fuels (“syngas”) Solution that combines a new, patented, biomass non-combustion gasification technology with a proven Fischer Tropsch syngas to fuel catalyst and reactors.

“In 2011 Arizona used over 46 million gallons of No 2 Diesel for Commercial Consumption”

Arizona receives all of its gasoline and diesel from two main sources:

  • The West pipeline suppliers (predominately Southern California refiners), and
  • The East pipeline suppliers (predominately Gulf Coast refiners)

MBF will produce over 12 million gallons of No 2 Diesel for distribution directly into the Arizona market without the incremental added cost of transporting.

Maricopa Bio Fuels Site Plan

Maricopa Bio Fuels Site Plan (click for Large View)